Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories
Established over 100 years ago to serve the public health interests of the commonwealth, the Massachusetts Biologic Laboratory (MBL) develops and manufactures vaccines and other biologic products, primarily for the state to distribute through its Universal Childhood Immunization Program. From 1959 to 1996, the lab was administered by the Massachusetts Health Research Institute (MHRI), a private, non-profit which was under contract to the Department of Public Health to run vaccine development programs there. On January 1, 1997, control of the lab was transferred to the University of Massachusetts, following an act of legislation. The MBL is self-funded through grants and contracts.

The MBL, located in Jamaica Plain and Mattapan, is one of only a few publicly operated, FDA-licensed vaccine manufacturing facilities in the country, and is the only one of its kind still operated by a state government.
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